Written on : 10 Sep 2015
Here's an article from Popular Mechanics praising the little Miata.  For us, the Miata remains one of our favorite top-down driving cars.  It's nimble, agile, and as reliable as a tractor.  Plus, you can take it into the dealership for repairs, and actually come out with a friendly bill for the cost.  It was the Miata that reignited the roadster craze back in 1990, and they're still keeping it going strong.   ---------------------------- The Mazda Miata Finally Looks As Good As It Drives   The Mazda MX-5 Miata is a misunderstood car. To purists and gearheads, it's the ultimate affordable...Read More

Dead Yaks Made this BMW Z4

Written on : 08 Sep 2015
Wow, I haven't seen a combo like this before.  Here's a bone crusher of a BMW Z4 from this article.  Though it's on a yak theme, the gull wing door decorations give it the look of wings from guardian angels, as if the gold bling didn't add enough excitement to the appearance.  One wonders - if putting all of this work into a Z4, why not some other $100,000 convertible? -------------------- Sure it’s no fun having to work on Labor Day, but then you see a glorious image of a BMWdecorated in yak bones and pure gold. If ever there...Read More

Mazda Miata vs. Cadillac ATS-V

Written on : 01 Sep 2015
Wow, here's a line-up I've never read before, a Miata vs. a Cadillac (from this article).   The author didn't discuss the price, but I'd like the Caddy is about 1.75X the Miata price.  What's encouraging is, the Miata stands up in terms of performance, and it's own kind of thrill.  Sure, the Cadillac has power and respect, but also it's own brand of draw-backs.  Both cars give you good feeback on the road, and are better in the curves than the straight line, but hey, you can only put the top-down on one of them.   ------------------   1...Read More

Ford Mustang vs. Chevy Camaro

Written on : 28 Aug 2015
This is an automotive age-old match-up, as good as Nikon vs. Cannon (published in this article).  Mustang vs. Camaro is about as much as religion as specs, from what family values to another.  Though we support both vehicles, and we don't want to alienate anyone, our preference is for the Camaro.  The lines are just sleeker, with a more aggressive and menacing tone than the Mustang.  However, we do give the most points to the Mustang for a beautiful and well designed interior.  Anyway, you certainly can not go wrong with either of these beauties.   ----------------------- The new Ford...Read More

Old Camaro vs. New Porsche

Written on : 19 Aug 2015
Wow, talk about old metal vs. new aluminum.  In this video, a clunker Camaro takes on a hyper sports car.  You can already guess the winner in this David-vs-Goliath tale, but its still cool to watch the smoke.  Of course, the Camaro is a lot more than stock.  But, it's still a great story that sometimes, you can't beat the old-school way to go. Read the original article here: http://gmauthority.com/blog/2015/08/1970-chevrolet-camaro-takes-on-porsche-918-video/ -----------   1970 Chevrolet Camaro Takes On Porsche 918: Video Two cars line up at the lights. One is a pristine, $847,000 Porsche 918 Spyder powered by a race-derived 608 hp 4.6L...Read More

A new Z4 is coming

Written on : 18 Aug 2015
Yippee.  According to Automotive News, a new version of the Z4 will be emerging in a few years, maybe the Z5?  The BMW Z4 has had a good run, and is a zippy car, but it's starting to show its age and needs an update.  Which brings up an interesting question - what would you want changed or updated in the BMW Z4?  Here's the original article: ----------------- BMW hopes to replace Z4 before 2020 BMW Z4 sales declined by 11% to about 5,300 in Europe last year. U.S. sales fell 13% to 2,150 Z4s. GENEVA -- BMW hopes to...Read More

History of the BMW Z3 Coupe

Written on : 30 Jul 2015
Here's a good article on the history of the BMW Z3.  What's interesting, is the BMW Z3 started as BMW's response to the success of the Mazda Miata.  The Z3 did draw buyers from the Miata who wanted to upgrade, a car with a bit more power, but it was not as nimble as the Miata.  Then, BMW took the beautiful Z3, and turned it into an ugly coupe.  The car doesn't handle as well as the topless Z3, and doesn't look as good either.  Now, the car, as an oddity, is getting notice as a collector's item.  Here we...Read More

Audi TT Roadster vs. Boxster

Written on : 18 Jul 2015
Here's an article on the Audi TT compare to the Porsche Boxster.   These folks give the nod to the Boxster, and given that it can cost less than half of the Audi TT, that can be quite a bargain.  Both of these cars definitely have beautiful lines.  Likewise, both are pricey to maintain.  For our opinion, we agree with this article that the Boxster has the edge.  It's a little more peppier than the Audi TT, and is a better bargain to boot.     The TT’s shape is now more about aesthetics than geo­metry, and there are R8...Read More


Pontiac Solstice Beats Miata

Written on : 14 Jul 2015
Here's an interesting article, proclaiming the Solstice takes over the Miata for the coveted roadster crown.  On this one, we reluctantly agree.  The Miata single handedly reinvigorated the stagnate roadster when it first appeared in 1990.  At that time, the Miata was practically purchased straight from the dock when it arrived on the shores.  It's agile performance and friendly price made everyone fall it love with it.  However, the Solstice has a wicked Mach-5 like appearance that just turns heads.  Also, the Solstice is a bit better on the overall performance.  Price-for-price, both are about equal, so all other things...Read More

BMW Z4 vs. Audi TT

BMW Z4 vs Audi TT Roadster

Written on :
Here's an interesting article where they take the BMW Z4 against the Audi TT.  For me, I do think the Audi TT has the edge.  The Z4 does have a more refined appearance than the Audi TT, but the reliability and cost of service for the Z4 is a concern.  Also, the Audi TT does tend to sustain its retail value better than the Z4.  However, the Z4 is a bit more agile, and faster, so both of these great convertibles are worthy contenders in our book.  Here is the article, in full:         It's that time again....Read More

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